Naomi Magdaleno

Legal Assistant

Naomi Magdaleno, serves as Legal Assistant to Attorney Heather Wise. Naomi has worked as a legal assistant and paralegal for the last 7 years. Naomi is knowledgeable in all areas of immigration forms and applications as well as office administration and the translation of oral communication and documents to our Spanish speaking clients.

As the primary contact for our Spanish speaking clients, she is the daily liaison between Ms. Wise and the clients. Naomi ensures she translates all communication from Ms. Wise to the best of her ability. Naomi is committed to providing client communication in a professional and kind manner.

Ms. Magdaleno was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in Sonoma County. She is fluent in both languages and cultures.

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Naomi Magdaleno | Legal Assistant | Criminal Defense Attorney

Naomi Magdaleno