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As a criminal defense attorney, Ms. Wise’s goal is to ensure liberty and justice for all. Whether a client is currently charged with a crime or is trying to mitigate consequences from prior convictions, Ms. Wise will use her extensive experience to get the best possible outcome. Criminal cases often bring up a range of emotions and personal issues in addition to obvious legal issues. With this in mind, Ms. Wise practices wholistic defense representation, assisting clients address the circumstances that lead to law enforcement involvement. She does more than ask about the facts of a case, she takes the time to meet her clients as individuals. Ms. Wise strives to learn about the challenges that clients experience in order to address the issues they face. From arraignment through disposition, trial, appeal, or post-conviction motions, clients benefit from Ms. Wise’s clear, calm, and knowledgeable outlook. 


Ms. Wise personally represents her criminal defense clients in all aspects of their cases from arraignment through disposition or trial, never handing the file off to a subordinate. In many cases, Ms. Wise can appear at court for the client so employment is not interrupted. She has handled many types of cases felony and misdemeanor, including:

  • Driving Under the Influence [and DMV proceedings]
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Endangerment
  • Assault/Battery
  • Cannabis Offenses
  • Drug Charges
  • Weapons Charges
  • Theft/Fraud
  • Vandalism
  • Gang Charges/Enhancements
  • Juvenile cases

After working with the client to determine their primary goals, Ms. Wise strives to attain the best possible outcome. Ms. Wise clearly explains what is happening with the case, what the client’s options are, and discusses probable outcomes of those options. Then she supports the client in deciding what action to take. With respect and compassion no matter the charge, Ms. Wise takes pride in the relationships she develops with her clients. 


If your loved one is in county jail, DO NOT bail or accept pre-trial release until you have consulted a knowledgeable attorney. 

For non-citizens, negative immigration consequences are often the worst punishment related to a criminal arrest or conviction. Even a minor misdemeanor may have extraordinarily harsh immigration consequences such as removal (deportation), inadmissibility, loss of status, or inability to petition for immigration removal relief. Other consequences can include mandatory immigration detention with no bond hearing. 

Being booked on certain offenses, or having certain criminal prior convictions, will enable California county jails to give information to immigration authorities. If immigration officials pick up your loved one from jail custody, there can be additional consequences such as inability to petition for immigration bond. 

Many defense attorneys lack the experience and tools to properly advise their non-citizen clients about the complicated immigration consequences of crimes. Whether the client is undocumented, DACA, or LPR status, Ms. Wise uses her unique experience to identify and mitigate immigration consequences, whether the case is open or needs post-conviction relief.


Whether the client wants to clean up their criminal record, apply for state licensure, or is a non-citizen facing dire immigration consequences, Ms. Wise is the attorney to consult. Be confident that as your attorney, she knows the best strategy, possible outcomes, and efficacy of the relief requested. For instance, expungements may help some clients keep DACA, but do not erase the case and are not effective for other types of immigration issues. 

Ms. Wise has extensive experience in post-conviction relief, and post-conviction immigration relief, including:

  • Withdrawal of plea 
  • Expungements 
  • Reductions (felony to misdemeanor or misdemeanor to infraction)
  • Early termination of probation 
  • Legal vacatur of convictions due to legal error
  • Dismissals 
  • Writs
  • Appeals

Some requests for post-conviction relief are quite simple and can be processed quickly. However, most requests are more complicated and require convincing the Court why relief should be granted. In those cases, Ms. Wise works closely with the client to provide the Court with documentation of their rehabilitation and current situation. This may include personal letters to the court, educational diplomas, and letters of support from family, friends, co-workers, teachers, counselors, and spiritual leaders. Ms. Wise enjoys working with clients whose criminal case is behind them, now ready to move on with their life.